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Our Team is Flying Across the Country. These are the Edu Podcasts We're Listening to on the Way.

Jayne Miller wrote this on Feb 22, 2016


We’re long overdue for some good podcast picks, team.

As the Chalkup team saddles up for the National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference this week in San Francisco, we’re loading our devices with a few trusty podcasts for the flight. Here’s a peek at six things we’ll be listening to en route.

Principally Speaking

Last month we got a hot tip from Twitter that we needed to listen to Principally Speaking.

We did. And we’re into it. Jason Bodnar’s podcast is all about educational leadership. The interviews share insight from real leaders in education working in real schools and real classrooms. Idea and expertise-sharing at its best.

On the Vendor Floor

Big shout-out to Melissa Emler, whose show On the Vendor Floor provides in-depth profiles on new edtech tools. Melissa describes herself as a “passionate learner spending time diving into things that will help others on their journey to success.”

We recommend poking around her show archives to get the low-down on tools you’ve been eyeing. Melissa digs into the details you want to hear from the vendors you see at edu expos, but just don’t have the time (or sometimes the patience) to get to. Let her be your eyes and ears on the vendor floor. (Ha! See what we did there?)


When we got wind of how many of our users were connecting on Voxer, we couldn’t help but pay attention. Voxcast leverages Voxer to share conversations between connected educators, which is one of our top reasons for seeking out edu podcasts. We want to hear what real educators care about, need, want, discover, etc. This is exactly what Voxcast accomplishes in sharing conversations with educators from around the world.

House of EdTech

Several folks recommended House of EdTech since our last podcast post. Chris Nesi is killing it with this one. Probably one of our favorite new finds.

This podcast melds expert guests with Nesi’s edtech experience in thematic episodes. His guests are solid; an element that stood out to me after listening to a few episodes was the balance of educators, bloggers, chat moderators, and tech specialists who make the rounds on the show.

Adam Jones Education Podcast and Merging Classrooms: How I Shared My Students with a Class in Egypt

We’ve mentioned Adam Jones’ Education Podcast in one of our recent podcast rundowns, but we want to highlight something new and cool. Adam recently shared his experience merging his class with another classroom in Egypt alongside BAM Radio Network and Cool Cat Teacher. 

It’s a good edtech story and a must-listen for any connected educator.

 The TechEducator Podcast

On Sundays at 7:00 p.m. we look forward to the TechEducator Podcast. It’s live. It’s hosted by some true edtech pros (Jeff Bradbury, Jeff Herb, Sam Patterson, and David Saunders, to name drop just a few.)

This one stands out for similar reasons. Substantive, useful content. Expert voices. Relevant topics. We feel like we know the hosts after listening to them here and in individual podcasts hosted on their own channels (TeacherCast, Techlandia, Instructional Tech Talk, etc.) Lots and lots to download and enjoy.


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