Public Relations Today
By Chalkup Staff • October 7, 2015

Why You Want to Work for Chalkup


If you haven’t seen the buzz on our social channels, you might not know that we’re hiring. We’re thrilled to be growing the Chalkup family and we’ve got lots of positions looking for a match - everything from marketing to sales to engineering. Fun times.

For those of you who have scoped out our jobs page and believe you might be a fit, we hope this list seals the deal. Can’t wait to read your application.


Startup culture for the win!

We're design nerds. We're eager. We’re a young company that’s hiring up and boasting all the perks of startup life. This includes flexibility, smart and dedicated colleagues, a happy workplace, and lots of potential to help us grow and shape our culture. 

In other words? We’re fun. We’re happy. We work hard. We want someone who is into that sort of thing.


On that note - we’ve got a lot of positions open and we’re a-growin’. It’s exciting. Get in at the ground floor.

We Love Learning

This is true. One thing we all have in common at Chalkup is the profound impact education has had on our lives. We value learning and we make a product that we believe allows today’s students an expanded opportunity to keep in touch with their class and keep the learning going. Impacting students is huge for us.

We’ll say this: it’s nice to work on a product that impacts education. It’s something we care about, and it’s cool to work with others who feel the same.


Flexible hours are the best. We don’t have set “business hours” at our office. We work when we’re the most productive. And we get stuff done. It’s better for our final product and makes it way easier to organize life outside of work.


Any workplace that communicates as much as we do in gifs is probably alright.

We’re an eager, young team that works hard and supports one another. We’re also a team that looks forward to Chalkup dinners when we’re on the road and rarely skimps on emojis in IMs and emails. It’s just that kind of place.


Join the team.